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Why are companies and communities calling for greater equity, diversity and inclusion?  Because the absence of equity has resulted in the disparities we experience in social outcomes.  These disparities exist in the income and wealth gap, in the criminal justice system and in access to healthcare.  For too long America has grappled with injustices that impact communities of color, LGBTQ+ and the poor hardest and at higher rates.  The core aspects of societal life - the ability to earn a livable wage, adequate housing and an ability to move freely through community without fear of bodily harm - allows ALL to reach their full potential, thrive and belong. 


This is why Colemon and Associates was established.  We are here to extinguish status quo approaches and help create synergies, leapfrog obstacles and maximize impact.  We specialize in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) solutions - greatly needed in most workplaces today.  We understand that when organizations achieve inclusivity; their staff, volunteers and bottom lines are more impactful and poised to accomplish their mission and stated goals.

As experts in organizational development we are adept at strategic planning, community engagement, and leadership development.  Our consultants and researchers have extensive experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of model programs, Community Based Participatory Action Research and training.  At Colemon and Associates, we dream big and redefine possibilities!

Our results inspire action, serve justice, and improve the lives of people.  Philosophically, we rely on three cornerstones:

#1 Cornerstone

Sustainable solutions are achieved when those most impacted by the issue are involved in design, implementation and evaluation

#2 Cornerstone

 Authenticity flourishes when lived experience and quantitative data are balanced 

#3 Cornerstone

A posture of relational connectivity can activate passion and creativity

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“Colemon and Associates has been instrumental in shifting the way we do our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work on all levels- including board, staff, CEO coaching and program development. We have a wide variety of staff across many education levels- they have worked to meet each and every individual where they are at today in a way that is inclusive, not shaming, and encourages growth. I am proud of the work Emergency Food Network has been able to do around DEI thanks to Coleman and Associates. They have helped us get where we are today and are guiding us into the future.”  

Michelle Douglas/ CEO/ Emergency Food Network

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