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Kellie Richardson's Coaching Page

You are worthy of the life you want!

Welcome to my coaching page! I’m Kellie (she/her) and I create time and space for leaders and creatives of color to do the reflection, visioning and practice to live into their full purpose. I unapologetically center those enduring and persisting in spaces and places that marginalize, question, and erase our humanity. I serve those navigating the very systems they want to disrupt.


Do you feel unfulfilled in your work, and ready to grow towards your unique purpose and gifts?


Are your days devoted to simply surviving oppressive systems, leaving you lost and exhausted?


Are you approaching or managing burnout, and are yearning for a partner in thought and practice as you identify “now what?”


Are you feeling stuck and in search of why, and more importantly, how to get UN-stuck?

My Approach 

I am guided to serve individuals and groups to identify roadblocks to their healing, growth, and success such as self-limiting beliefs, untapped resources, and expanding ways of living and leading. My work is centered on an unwavering belief in your wholeness and possibility. No matter what. 

My coaching practice is centered on creativity, connection, and freedom.


  • Creativity to live into the best, truest expression of yourself, and the ability to practice risk and innovation with confidence

  • Connection to self above all; to establish the grounded presence you need to weather uncertainty and change.

  • Liberation from external and internal voices that diminish your humanity, sow seeds of doubt, and debate your worth

*I require a minimum of three session commitment in my practice to build awareness, identify and leverage choice and personal power, with built in accountability processes.

Colleagues at Work

What i do

not do

  • Try to change you

  • Prescribe solutions or give you “the answer”

  • Doubt your ability to grow, learn and thrive

  • Decide what is “right” or “wrong” for your life or journey

  • Force or facilitate anything without your consent


i do


  • Honor your culture, lived experiences, and ways of knowing


  • Hold you in unconditional positive regard


  • Help you mine for truth, discovery and possibility


  • Invite joy, play and humor into our work


  • Establish and support action and accountability practices to support your journey





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