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Aug 2018 - Present 

  • Data and policy review; report/recommendations

  • Designed the DEI Ecosystem; provide capacity-building assistance

  • Strategic advising (executive level)

  • Establish/facilitate internal equity team

Neighborhood and Community Services Department 


Jul 2018 - Present 

  • Establish/facilitate internal equity team

  • Designed external equity councils 

  • Strategic advising (executive level)

  • Design/conduct training


Feb 2019 - Present 

  • Strategic advising (executive and board level)

  • Executive coaching

  • Design/facilitate training/retreats for board and staff

  • Assist in the development of equity goals


Jan 2016 - Present

  • Retooled hiring process and materials; enhanced accountability system

  • Conducted baseline assessment, report, recommendations

  • Design/facilitate staff training


Jan 2016 - Jun 2020

  • Designed/implemented a Community Based Participatory Action Research response to the racial wealth gap

  • Designed a blueprint programmatic model (Black Empowerment Center)

  • Provided navigation services to help small, minority-owned businesses access financial assistance during COVID-19


Office of Arts and Cultrual Vitality- Tacoma Creates

2019 - Present 


  • Designed justice, equity, diversity, inclusion (JEDI) Platform capacity building initiative

  • Conducted review/made recommendations on funding allocation process and materials


Mar 2019 - Present

  • Establish DEI learning strategy

  • Design/facilitate specialized training (Accountability. Unconscious Bias. Bias and Culture. Inclusive Culture)

  • Facilitate internal Equity Team


Jul 2020 - Present

  • Design/moderate community conversation

  • Design/facilitate staff learning modules


Aug 2019 - Mar 2020

●Establish/facilitate internal Equity Team

●Conduct a DEI-focused organizational assessment (report + recommendations)


Feb  - Dec 2018  

  • Design/facilitate equity training for all staff

  • Conducted a series of organizational development assessments, reports, recommendations 

  • Assisted with developing equity goals


Aug 2019 - Present 


  • Design/facilitate staff training 

  • Consult internal EDI team and assist in goal development   

  • Conduct organizational assessment, develop   report


Jun 2019 - Mar 2020 

  • Develop talking points for Endorsement request

  • Secured endorsements from community stakeholders

  • Design flow and content of convening


Our Approach


By exploring and naming culture for an individual, organization, and society - equity, diversity and inclusion efforts can start on common ground.  The exploration phase is a discovery process to understand deeply held beliefs, assumptions, values and perceptions.


We guide clients in the development of strategically-paced tactics and goals that lead to a greater sense of belonging for employees and community members.  These measurable goals allow clients to share their stories of progress and inclusion.​


During the Integration Phase, clients codify and concretize new practices and behaviors.  These practices are reinforced by enhanced policies and procedures that lead to greater equity and inclusion.

Documents & Reports

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